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So that's a plane ride, a place to lay your tired head and someone to tell you to cast into that snag. Simple as.

Destination 1

Finland, Ahvenanmaa


Pike, Seatrout, Perch and Zander

Here in Asia we know what a Pike, Seatrout and a Perch is but What is a Zander? It's a rather good looking fish, Zoolander almost.

Angler Petri Marcel with a 10 kilo + Zander Angler: Petri Marcel

Angler Dino Ferrari with a known world record (Italy)

Destination 2

Mexico, Anglers Inn El Salto


Largemouth Bass

Catching an LMB! Luke Maow Bear!

Destination 3

Guatemala, Casa Vieja Lodge


Sailfish, Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna and Roosterfish

This is a no brainer, Roosterfish + Guatemala. Win! Say Yes!

Destination 4

USA, Grand Rapids


Walleye, Musky, and Largemouth Bass


Angler Nicholas Colangelo and outdoorhub When your 50MM Lens is "so potrait for your fish"

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