Ubin still produces, if you are up for a muddy walk, some say.

Forumer gtman shared his romp to Singapore's Pulau Ubin or better know as the "last kampung" of our island state.

跟大家拜个早年,as usual greeted Gina good morning and Happy new Haut Huat. Down sizes only bought two hundreds grams live prawns. Reached Ubin usual spot and started my 2016 spinning in Ubin ... Managed to caught 05 fishes. Wu Lor, Wu Gao, Wu Chia Zho . ! Huat ar . three smaller released and see them next Time.. LOL .
two table sizes KBL enough for Chinese new year reunion steam boat liao ....
Ubin monkey Sibeh smart ..try to pulled up my fish which I kept live there . Seeing is believing ..LOL .

The question is, who is "Wu"

A bumboat ride from Changi Village, Pulau Ubin is actually an anglers paradise if they are willing to walk in the mud or for about 30 mins.

You can also ask one of the "uncles" to drive you in. Not much haggling but once you get a driver, get his number so you can book him for the future.

As a lot of the fish there are either farmed or were once farmed and are now wildish, they will readily take a combination of bait and 80MM lures.

Tide plays a huge role in fishing in and around Pulau Ubin. Incoming sucks all the Kims into the inlets together the bait fish. Out, pushes them to the mouth. So know your tide so you know where to stand.

Good luck.

Peace Out,

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