Top Tips: Keep that Kim

There is one type of fish you will lose a lot, and that's a jumping fish.

In Singapore it is known as a Kim Bak Lor or KBL or simple, a Kim.

The highest exposure most anglers will get to such a fish is a Kim or Barramundi or Siakap due to it being a food fish and popular with pond anglers - it is readily available.

But why oh why do you continue to drop and lose them?

Drag & Rod Stiffness

A lot of anglers simply are running high drag settings when fighting a Kim, the point of failure is the mouth of the fish; when the fish runs it is pulling on the hook, that's fine, it's in the water and the water is supporting the weight of the fish, so you should not be too worried.

Then it jumps, this is where your rods stiffness really comes into play as the rod fights to straighten out with a fish in mid air that is actually exacting more force than when in the water - it's in the air, there is nothing to absorb anything, gravity is being a jerk and if your drag is too high or your rod is too stiff the hook will slowly get pulled and torn out of the mouth of the Kim, makes sense?

The head shaking shakes the lure loose and eventually leads to the "awwwww drop la!".

If you set your drag lower, have a slightly more forgiving rod, and taken your time you would have been fine.

Patience and Composure

When a fish is on, your body goes into fight or flight, adrenalin gets pumped in and you basically become stupid, you will set 9 times and reel in imaginary slack, this will make you do the dumbest things like over fight the fish.

Have a set rule set, fish takes 1.) Set Hook - 2.) Fish Run - 3.) Control the Damn Thing; this will help you manage the situation better. Look around if there are others lines out and fight the fish accordingly or just tell the other angler the fish is coming their way.


You will hear how hooks can open, well, this is from high drag and a stiff rod, I land Kims with 2x hooks all the time, I just don't go postal on my drag and if I need to slow the fish down, palm the spool or feather the bc spool


  • Set your drag lower
  • Don't use a very stiff rod
  • Take your time and don't be kancheong

So the next time you head out luring do yourself a favour, loosen your drag and take your time, let the rod do it's thing - get back to me if you are losing less fish after reading this article

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