The Queen has landed by forummer " frz1"

Forummer frz1 caught a Queenfish that shocked his system. That happens to most of us that hit our first, second, third etc. Queenfish.

After months of trying 2hrs before 2hrs after and still no take.. today company team building was at 0800. Rush down to the location to catch the first light without knowing whats the tide like. Only had about an hour to play. After few cast jig cast jig cast jig BAMMM!!!!!!!! IT GOES ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZRRRTTTTTTTT........SHOCK OF MY LIFE! WOOOHOOOOOO!!! FISH ON! I LITERALLY SHOUTED WOOHOO.. LOL! lucky noone around. Wakakakak! Good short fight. Snap snap click click some shots of the lovely queen. Sorry guys not tht i wana bring back this queenie but it couldnt make it. I did tried to release it. Using tht method pushing back n forth for about 2-3mins but it still chose not too swim away... HAIS!

*source (Million Dollar Fish Trip)


Rod : Storm Shore-X SXS802ML

Reel : Shimano Stradic Fk 2500

Line : suffix 832 15lbs

Leader : 30lbs

Jig : 20g forgot what brand

There are a few things here that are exceptional in terms of chasing a Queenfish from the shore.

1. The Storm Shore-X is exactly what he should be using to push the 20 Gram jig out, distance + a tip that can impart the darting action to the jig as he likely pointed the rod down and flicked with all his life.

2. A 2500 sized reel; time and time again I keep pushing for this size of reel to be more recognised by the senseless C3000. The line cap is very Singaporean. When you see someone using a 2500 you know they have gone through a C3000 and never seen the bottom of their spool. Not that I knock a C3000 but hang on, yep, I am knocking a C3000 :)

But seriously, a 2500 is an all rounder for all types of fishing in Singapore, or I should say most; From Pond to Shore. Well done frz1.

3. I'd drop this line to 6lb or 8lb or max 10lb, just so I can cast massive distances. I can't comment on the 15lb Sufix as I don't have it with me now and can't feel the thickness - I could be wrong, so if you are comfortable with the cast, Sufix 15lb it is.

4. 30lb is safe and sound. I run 16lb to 20lb. But when I go anywhere I don't know my search-leader is almost always 30lb's, in Darwin I ran 30lb leader when boat casting for Queenfish.

5. Now for a bit about the angler, he clearly put it was a jig but not sure what it was. This shows he is only interested in catching fish and not about what he is using, I really respect anglers that fish to fish and are not fussed about what they have at the end of their line.

Top Tips Queenfish (From shore)

1. Cast as far as you humanly can.

2. Try to getaway with as low as 6lb poundages and max out at 10lb.

3. You can never reel faster than a Queenfish can swim, so when you are retrieving, you have to reel as fast as you can for them to even look at your jig or lure.

Cast far, let it sink a bit and just REEL!

Speed is so key for catching Queenfish.

4. The water in most cases must be moving, so incoming tides are the best. For those who fished CNB back in the day you will remember how the Queens came in at the start of the lowest incoming and hung around at the lowest of the outgoing, which in some cases was strange.

Hope that helps you all,
Peace Out,

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