Good Vibe'rations, Sweet Sensations

The picture above shows how when a Japanese person holds a vibe it becomes life like and bends to their will.

The hardbody vibe, blade and soft vibes have been around for a good many years, lures like Berkley's MF40, MF50, MF60 and MF70 cover a good range of sizes. The only thing is they are softish as supposed to soft because they have a firm wire in them that allows the angler to adjust where it wanted to go and how straight it tracked. However, their collapsable nature allowed the hookups to be close to 100%. Some fish were hooked up just looking at them.

Of all the vibes I have ever used, this the tightest vibrate I have ever felt, it almost felt like it was a bzzt over a bzzt, it was like a "bzbzzztbz". The loose rule of thumb is the thinner the liplessness (forelip, forehead + lip) of the vibe the tighter the vibrate will be.

Berkley MF#
Model Length Weight Type
MF50 50MM 10.6G Sinking
MF60 60MM 17G Sinking
MF70 70MM 26G Sinking

This is the Bandicoot colour and you can clearly see the wire going through.

Storm also has SX-SOFT VIB, is a dominant force in tackle boxes across ponds here in Singapore. We have to use lures in ponds as supposed to the great outdoors because we all know fishing is illegal in Singapore largely because our officials can't get their sh*it together as they spend more time wondering how to help this healthy sport that bring families together and keeps kids off glue sniffing; where they rather ban vaping which stops people from having lung cancer because they can't tax it. /end of rant.

Model Length Weight Length
SDV70S 70MM 17G 7CM
SDV90S 90MM 28G 9CM

Back to the topic, I've had little success with this SX-SOFT VIB because it's action point was too high for in terms of a lazy straight crank angler that I can be and would rather use an ima koume 70 due to it's tremendous tight action, but in the SX's defence, the hardbody will push more water due to it's rigid body. Remember, it's a personal preference and what I say is what works for me.

This is an ima Koume, though you could catch a Peacock Bass or a Temensis with just about anything and if you ask me your leader is more important than what you use.

However, the SX-STORM VIB does a few things in most excellent fashion.

One: "I am a dying bait fish eat me" or "I am a prawn, watch me jump" the flick + lift + drop and + lift is done well because this vibe is so heavily front weight in relation to the rest of it's trailing body that it does a "doop" when the lure is not being retrieved.

Two: "You are going to eat me, I can escape" though the dying anything is a good lure presentation which is why Stickbaits work so well in GT Popping, the fleeing baitfish also works with reaction strikes and hunger chases and because the SX-STORM VIB is devoid of any "forehead", when it is being retrieved and hit its action-speed, it's going to die when a Kim starts to feel it coming their way. IE. Straight fasterly crank and the reaction strike will happen or the hunger take.

There is a Three:, but it's because it is a softie, that's when fish bite it such a lure, the structure simply collapses like a car with crash zones, absorbing the bite before it is too late for the fish - hooks step in and wataa!

This is Hiroshi Takahashi the designer of Storm Lures, what I liked about this video below is it helped to point out what Elastomer and PVC materials are. Unfortunately you can't put them together, but you can with these lures as during the manufacturing process they imbue it with magical properties.

Please watch this video if you have some time or come back to it later.

Jackall to me, is the king of all things vibrating, in the water, in the shape of a lure.

Their mighty mighty mighty mighty (this is not a typo) TN series of vibes is a devastating series of vibes.

But the TN50 with the IYOKEN SOUND has to be when Harry met Sally of the lot, look at it's slightly open "mouth", that creates the high pitched whistle in the water which you can hear from 3M upwards.

Every time I use it I think of Street Fighter and how the world IYOKEN reminds me of HADOUKEN because fish are going to get knocked the hell out. I used them exclusively for Sebarau or Hampala Barb fishing, same difference.

The trick to Vibes and the TN alike is to not overly work it, they have vibrations, sound, whistles, rattles and a whole lot of things going on; there is such of thing as over aggressive working of a lure and hence the art of silent fishing without rattles is something we all need to carry when going fishing. IE. No rattles, no sound.

Lift and Drop

Lift: Understand the taper of your rod, slow is when it takes sometime for the tip to recover and fast is when your tip goes "vooop" back to straight while you are working a vibe.

Slow tapers are good to tone down the lift and create a more tasty dying treat to the fish, count 4 vibrations. Yes you can count them, it takes under 1 sec, then you wait for 2 to 4 secs before you start the next cycle.

Faster tapers require you to point the rod down a bit and use a wrist motion to flick and pull the lure to impart a more realistic action.

Don't, please don't break from the motion and keep the cycle going till the lure is near you where it is highly possible the straight crank back to your feet gets whacked.

Drop: This is where you will find Vibes have 2 components to them when working this type of lure, the drop is seemingly not important, BUT IT IS. Some drops go "doop", some go "floop" and some go "broop".

The Doop

The Doop is like an SX SOFT VIB from Storm, it's like a prawn escaping, it just goes doop doop doop, or in this case when you drop it it just goes "doop", it's fast with no fanfare

The Floop is like a DUO Realis Vibe which I have talked nothing about yet, you will see the vibe has a "chin" of sorts which cause it to have a brief flutter. Does it make a difference to me, hell no that's dumb I can't feel sh*t, does it make a difference to the fish, a resounding yes. But this is not maths and science when it comes to the "floop". It happens, we catch a fish and now you know why they hit on the drop.

You won't see me using this lure, though 3/4 of my 70MM to 80MM tackle box is DUO stuff as I like their website, I am a sucker for brilliant branding and high quality digital media.

But in Singapore this is largely a freshwater lure, which it is

Peacock Bass and Temensis to me have zero indication of how well a lure works, it should hardly be used to showcase the sales of a lure when that species take just about anything, it just shows that as an angler you have bigger balls to go deeper into the reservoirs than anyone else. Which leads me to smack the authorities in the face which are a direct influence to this. Vicious cycle.


With that said, Peacock Bass and Temensis hate hate hate hate hate hate a DUO Realis Vibration, they will travel across the reservoir to hit this lure, it's because it is such an aggressive lure on the lift it really is epic for this species; it is a force multiplier when it comes to freshwater fishing in Singapore.

The large side profile also work on Kims (Barra) during any sort of tide movement as they sail with the run off and small lifts of this lure is deadly. I call it the 2 bzzt lure, you count 2 vibrations and BOOF!

Another plain stupid description is "does it again", sorry guys and girls, a lure never did anything again, YOU did it again. So please feel free to say "I did it again"; as they say in Singapore, "you no see yourself up ah?!"

The broop this is the cheapest vibe of all time, EUPRO make a vibe that is breathtaking on the drop, nothing comes close to it, it also has a great lift which seems slightly subdued due to it's size, shape and forelip. I have about 20 of these at any time I go vibe fishing. "Broop" = Bzzt + Droop or flutter and doop.

The sad thing about EUPRO is that is the only product that meant anything, next to one of their boat rods they got too heavily associated with OEM stuff.

This article actually started out with it being a talk on Jackall's Gene 55 and 70. A cute morsel that should be a tasty treat to any fish that eats any other fish. Well not for me. I don't like it at all and have been trying to cleanse them out of my tackle box as for some reason, like Sufix Line, Pink Fireline and Daiwa Reels they seem to just not like me when everyone else who is using gear or lures like this is super successful.

Jackall Gene Mask Vibe
Model Length Weight Type
Gene55 55MM 5.5G Sinking
Gene70 70MM 9.7G Sinking

It's perfectly built, it's the most perfect soft vibe I have ever touched, worked and casted. It's slender forked tail is so natural I thought it was a fish swimming back to me a few times.

I think it is too perfect, too well formed, too well designed; like a girl or guy with a photoshopped body and face you imagine they are unapproachable and high maintenance.

They cast perfectly with a gentle sway as it corrects it's trajectory and when it lands it is a 10, 10, 10, 10 and 10 from all judges including the ones from Uzbekistan who are known to give 5.3's for a small splash.

It was the single treble that was my killing blow for sure, it dropped my confidence level on this vibe to none and in my head of science like a trailing single single assist hook of the past it manifested doubts in my head and it simply went, doop.

If you are a Peacock Bass or Temensis angler, besides that ima survivor that you all believe in so much on, please fill the rest of your empty spaces with some of the vibes here.

Peace Out,

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