PUB wins the war on lurers

Fishing related offences in Singapore have gone up in 2015 by 3 times as lurers are powerless against the urge to go fishing due to the water authorities new secret weapon.

PUB took a page off their prey's tackle boxes by employing and deploying their own human-based lures. Dubbed the Fujita 2000, She is modelled after Fujita Rena a popular Japanese Fishing Female personality. She will ask for your ID.


PUB's Ai Kach Chiu replied to FishingKaki's enquiries:

We had to beat lurers at their own game, ima confident we will stop Singaporeans from engaging in such high risk hobbies like fishing.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) also noted that working with PUB they were able to manage their KPI on lowering crime rates as fishing shows signs of wanting vape and do dangerous things like eat peanuts which can lead to Beer.

SPF's Lim Tok Kok was able to further expand.

Carrying an item that is meant for hunting can lead to helping the Ivory trade as wild boars have tusks.


PUB's man on top Boh Ian Pa added more.

Lurers are like fish, the Fujita project will work on the surface for awhile, we have to eventually sink deeper. We have the WYX clone where we are cloning a girl that is known to freeze anglers brains and buy more than they need.

PUB shared an exclusive picture of their next generation weapon. You can find her at Lure Haven


Stay Safe, Stay Fine Free,
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