Mummified And Drifting At Sea

Manfred Fritz Bajorat, was found almost romantically slumped over his desk as though thinking of his wife.

Found with a haunting note to his wife Claudia; she is said to have stopped travelling with her 59 year old husband Bajorat in 2008. Bless her soul as she has since lost her fight to cancer in 2010 and we can hope they met again in a place called heaven.


Dates are sketchy and reasons around his death are puzzling as the Barobo Police (Philippines) try to figure out what happened.

Inspector Mark Navales and his team said it is unclear how it happened, however it's clear that there is no foul play.

Valuables, such as the explorer's wallet, the vessel's GPS and other items were all intact.

“It is still a mystery to us,” said Navales, adding it looked like Bajorat “was sleeping”.

It is reported he was last seen in 2009 and we will never know how long he was really adrift. We leave it to speculations as he was found about 100 kilometres from Barabo in the Philippine Sea with very little clues.


RIP adventurer, the spirit of freedom will carry on your name.

Peace Out,

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