Million Dollar Fish Part 1

Why are we here?

Northern Territory, Australia have released x1 1 Million Dollar Fish and x75 10 Thousand Dollar Barramundi and no we have not caught it yet if not I would be drinking with barmaids at where we are staying.

The reason for this is to bring tourists in to fish, especially during the 2016 run off period where they use up to 60 lb leaders with 8 inch soft plastic. I will get more into a technical article about what I have learnt while being here at a later stage.

Northern Territory, Australia = Darwin for the sake of this article, but if you trying to date a Sheila from Darwin and want to impress her, read the wiki I have linked at the beginning of the paragraph.

As of this article, we are on Day 2 of 4 where we have covered a few rivers, creeks, rocks, chop and sun that could bake chicken.

Also I am writing this as fast as I can because I have had to tether up to Sadat's phone due to Optus being a coconut. There is no Optus here where I subscribed through Singtel's data roam. It's only Telstra where we are at.

Our flight was at 11'ish PM on Saturday 07.Nov.2015 and landed in a no fuss Darwin Airport where custom officers are super nice; aren't they supposed to be grumpy and stop you from entering as much as they can like the US? SHOCKA as they say here in Australia.

Never without drama, the ever relaxed Sadat and Luke combo did not have a VISA going into Australia, we went to see the Qantas front desk and she gave us a URL to login and get instant VISA action time for a if you buy now price of 20 buckaroos. (saw what I did there?, Kangaroo? Buckaroo?)

After seeing a massive picture of what is likely Aboriginal art of a 46ft row boat complete with GPS, fish finder and oars we were told by Rob who thankfully was more "more chap" compared to us "bo chap" to email the charter skipper Justin of Obsession Fishing to arrange a pickup; behold.

Rob was able to utter one word, "Coffee", so with those words of wisdom from Uncle Rob as we call him now we headed to a gas station where breakfast is slightly different from what we are used to in Singapore, none and I mean none of us were complaining.

Justin is an ace skipper, he handles everything and since we have arrived I have outsourced my brains willingly to him.

This need for coffee and breakfast is for weaklings and we were rushed off into the 4x4 where we headed to the Lodge of Dundee , Dundee Beach, Northern Territory.

Thinking we were going to check in and get ourselves together, here we were going out on with our airplane clothes. Hay I fish in jeans, NO PROBLEM!

We headed to a bunch of rivers, creeks and rocks. It was pretty straight forward; get on boat, point boat in the right direction and cast lures.

An adorable tractor picks us up that looks a bit like that "caracter" from the animation cars but looks like a tractor.

Now that you know why we are there and how we got there, it is good to say bye. The data tether is hardly holding up and everything is simply, lagging.

I will see you all in a couple of days, but I will leave you with a Jewfish on a deep diver, ripped at stupid speeds. Thanks to Sadat who found out what worked.

Hooked Magazine will be covering a more in depth article when their next issue comes out in December. So stay tuned for that.

I'll do a Part 2 in a few days when I have better data coverage.

Peace Out,

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