Groot took root on a PUB sign


In the ongoing back and forth between the water authorities and Singaporean anglers, the Guardians of the Galaxy have stepped in as an anonymous poster witnessed Groot walk all over what can only be described as a No Fishing sign erected for our safety as it's well known that Fishing attracts glue sniffing, gangs and prostitution, I mean prosecution.

Singapore is 100% state land and trespassing over anything barring a bus, MRT, taxi and Orchard Road opens an angler to being fined.

When interviewed Groot was only able to say the words "I am Groot", when FishingKaki spoke to what looked like a giant Hamster we were told that Groot was well pissed off that since the beginning of time rods were built of wood-like material, be it bamboo or cane and Fishing is a part of his family history.

Fishing is a known criminal sport in Singapore where anglers face 24 hour lock up in jail for staring at the sea and are often ask by the police force "What are you doing?" while fishing.

Foreign workers are excluded from prosecution due to their foreign background and falling under the "I don't know I don't know" act.

The Guardians of the Galaxy have since left our universe however the avengers are on standby as the Hulk is known to do big Grouper fishing.

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