Grass Carp that take soft plastics and typhoons that say No

There are no pictures of fish in this post for this particular trip, there is however a picture from a past trip I made last year.

The spot was hit by Typhoon Melor (which was downgraded) and I was left with brown water and a messed up spot thanks to heaps of rain. So I decided to share some pictures I took as I was on my way there.

It became a 11 hour road trip, 2 ways, sightseeing at its best.

Bulacan a province North of Manila is a 4 1/2 taxi, bus and tricycle ride (+Jeepney return). A huge river known as the Angat River or Bulacan River and snakes its way through various municipalities or "barangay". The river slows down in a large reservoir as it passes Barangay Libis and Poblacion.

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Cubao bus station Tricycle or Trike View from the Tricycle

A lot of you are curious what fish I caught when I was there the last time, and that would be a Grass Carp of all things!

I was using weedless hooks and simply pushed the lure as far as I could and slowly reeled back, likely 45 secs a turn of the handled with some flicks. I think the carp thought they were worms.

These Carp from the Angat River fight like a Sebarau or Hampala Barb as they are known. The hit is crunching and they fly off in one direction. They have stamina and can keep going a long way if you don't stop them; they are additive and it is why I wanted to go back.

Hook came back crushed, umbrella-shaped and pulled; and I had the 2x gear to deal with this.

I was supposed to test the KOIVU Rod by STORM on this trip, a 2 piece wonder which I had paired with a nice 6lb line.

Maybe another time.

Thanks for reading and sorry it could not be more, I hope the pictures give you a taste of what a province is like and just how hard it is to get to places, I will trying another trip in January and this time hopefully there are no typhoons.

It took me close to 7 hours to get back, reverse, this time I stopped at SM Mall and EDSA was packed, ever took a 2 hour taxi ride to move 5km? It's more fun in the Philippines.

Peace Out,

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