latest's New Forum Coming Soon

We are an estimated 2 weeks away from the switch over to the new forum platform.

The original forum is dated and I wanted it to run like a news feed or discussion wall, much like Quora and Facebook's news feed.

Number One

The new forum is a measured 7 times faster as we have the latest and greatest Amazon servers with auto this auto that load balance and server throttle. I get an SMS if things go full tilt. What a yucky SMS that will be.

Simplicity was key and having an unstructured read-as-they-post approach was how I wanted it to be. Now any new post can be seen and forummers can have an even further responsive forum platform on mobile.

Number Two

Announcements will be heavily clipped to about 3 at any time. This will give it more of a focus and advertisers will be able to use that feature through us for a guaranteed reach.

Number Three

The topic or category view is still available, I can switch that over as and when it is needed.

Number Four

Posting is straight forward now and everything is current and ready to go. You can also save your draft if you want to continue on it later.

Number Five

The forummer dashboard is everything I wanted it to be in terms of direct control over what you see and how you see it.

Search, Discussions, Activity, Conversations, Profile and Log Out.

The Single Sign On will also be fixed so you don't have to keep logging in, that's SO FRUSTRATING!

Number Six

The thread view is borderless.

Number Seven

You will now be able to bookmark better and see all the comments at a glance, it's not that you could not do that before but now it's neater.

And that is pretty much it. Straight forward, fast and mobile optimised.

Thank you,

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