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I've done a bunch of ridiculous changes to over the years. Failed a few times at the migration to a newer version of the PHP forum, created a Facebook Groups page when the cannibalisation of the forum was possible and now to make the Classifieds a seemingly stand alone platform from the forum.

The reason for this is simple, the forum could not keep up with how much it was being loaded in terms of data. Actually I am talking crap. The forum sucked at handling how internet trends were moving and how much you all use mobile now.

Look at the penetration rate of this infographic. In the past 3 years you all have gone from iPhone to Android back to iPhone and gone from 15% on mobile to a whopping 72% and this is on

The first thing I had to do was make the site responsive. This allows the user to view it on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. By the way, your table viewership has gone up by 12% which means more of you playing Clash of Clans on tablets now, so there is no excuse when it comes to losing wars.

So what do I mean that you can view it on all devices.




Furthermore, your behaviour is utterly ridiculous when it comes to using the Classifieds, you all love to read on the mobile device and love to read on a desktop but like to post from your desktop. Which is strange when the site allows you to post from mobile.

Upon further asking around I found out that there are too many fields, so we are now down to the few fields when posting.

Imagine this, you'd rather write everything down yourself than to put it into a field. When I changed this, a lot of all your input simply stopped. Wow!


Phase 1: Responsive

Phase 2: New Classifieds Platform

Phase 3: An App for Android and iOS

You see, there is a plan and when I finally and happy with the Classifieds (which is soon). I can start work on the App.

Thanks for all the patience you all, big hugs.

Peace Out,

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