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Cover Page; Rod: Rapala RFS Micrology 2-5LB, Line: Sufix 832B 4LB, Leader: Sufix Zippy leader 15lb, Lure: Rapala Rippin Rap 5cm/CSD, Hook: VMC 7554TI #12 VMC Hooks

Finesse Game has been around for a awhile now, however with all things fishing it either has to be all the rage at the moment or early adopters become influencers.

Option 1

  • Reel: 1000/2000 Shimano Sized
  • Rod: 2lb to 7lb (This means it can be a 3lb-7lb or 2lb-5lb or 2lb-6lb Rod Rating)
  • Line: 2lb and 4lb or low PE ratings like a 0.2
  • Leader: 6lb to 12lb

Option 2

  • Reel: 1000/2000 Shimano Sized (Ajing/Micro/Finesse/Rock Hopping)
  • Rod: This remains the same any rod within the 2lb to 7lb rating
  • Line: 4lb or 6lb
  • Leader: Carry the 6lb and 12lb, but incorporate a 16lb leader, a Kim (Barra) will slice you off with its head shakes easily.

Option 2 focuses on a little more grunt and a dash of hope where you can handle bigger fish with slightly more dangerous terrain.

What type of fishing can I do with this?

Micro Lures: Lures that are 3 Grams and up to around 8 Grams to 9 Grams; strangely, 10 Gram lures become heavy and create too much resistance.

I hit a ceiling of 9 Grams. Rapala's Ripping Rap Vibe or Zipbaits Raphael are great have in your tackle box.

Feel free to comment on either Facebook or here through Disqus on what tiny lures you use

Suspending Jerkbaits are great for this type of application, the take is nothing like you have ever experienced; cast and bring it to the required depth and then work it every 6 secs or so, my longest pause was 30 secs and it took 6 to 7 mins for the lure to return.

Tiny Vibes like the Jackall Gene55 which hates my guts and refuses to work for me will work for you, 100%.

I wrote something about vibes if you want to check it out.

Flies become castable and within the realm of spinning them easily, this must be done with a 4lb line to allow the fly the ability to peel out the line easily. I use a longer finesse rod here with sometimes 2lb line which allows me ridiculously light flies and a natural presentation.

Ajing is all the rage now with shallow spools, Stella's being a real pain in a butt for me at the fact that they hav only shallow spools at the 1000 mark. With PE 0.2 ratings and rods so sensitive you would feel a Dragonfly land on the tip. This type of fishing is for everyone, I say it again, it is for everyone.

Ajing purists will say UL is UL and Ajing is Ajing, but what if you have 1 rod? Just fish laaaar!

Soft Plastics or Rubber Lures within 1.5 inch, this is also Rock Fishing where an angler is after the little critter-fish between rocks, hop and scotch your 1.5 Gram Jighead with a 1.5 Inch Soft Plastic and a world of fun is to be had. Making sounds is what I do a lot when fishing, it's like this, Bing, Bong, BOOF!

Twitch baits or Flick baits are good for pelagic fish that require ridiculous speeds, fish like juvenile Queenfish or Herring love it and the angler is required to twitch like a maniac to reach speeds to attract the bites. I'd throw in your Jika Rigs here as well.

Use the rod tip to speed up the retrieve

What's not to like?

The lack of a backbone in some cases will frustrate anglers, not all but some rods are built more whippy and tend to bend all the way through.

Some will be after a J Bend, which is what I like, strong but, strong mid and stupidly whippy tip. Temujin, WHICH I DON'T OWN!

What do use LMB?

  • Reel: Stella 1000
  • Rod: MSX 64UL
  • Line: Power Pro 6lb
  • Leader: Sunline 12lb

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