"Does it again": Instant Noodles?

There is nothing that urks me more than when an angler writes "does it again".

If you use the same lure within 300 casts, you bet it will do it again.

This boy, has gone viral in what appears to be Malaysia, his love of instant noodles has somewhat cascaded to his passion for fishing. Middle fingers up in the air to lures is probably his gangsta pose with oil seasoning and chilli flakes dripping down his hands!

Step One

Soak the bugger. In Singapore "bugger" is a good term for anything really. Catch the bugger! Zhang the bugger! Thumb the bugger! (Baitcast) Palm the bugger! (Spin or Eggbeater, since I now am clearly Australian)

Step Two

Roll the bugger!

Step Three

Roll the bugger, again!

Step Four

Make sure it's snug and wrapped well, the time you soak it is key to make this step work. If not facepalm cast will happen.

Step Five

Catch the bugger! Here is what a huge Pacu looks like. 8.495 kilos to be exact.

So if you are out of bait and your friend just happen to leave his instant noodles lying around, you now have instant bait, ba dst dum.

Peace Out,

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