Cult of Chiropractor, Fishing Injury

3 months ago I blew my shoulder and back from years of fishing.

I would have have loved to be more dramatic being the queen of drama and all things but alas I can't when saying "I blew my shoulder from fishing" as it is utterly unglamorous.

It is a repetitive strain injury, do the same thing for 20 years and I guess you get into trouble, or do you? It is said that needy girlfriends from the past that loved to cuddle can also add to problems as you get older, just saying, watch those needy clingy types that whine. Break up with them now.

The main culprit was GT Fishing (Giant Trevally) at least for me, and this is for my Chiropractor(s) who wonder how does one blow their spine from fishing.

Basically, my spine rotated to the direction my casts rotate (to the left), and that pulled on everything associated with those tendrils of life.

There are 3 types of GT Anglers.

One: Girls in shorts. This is my favourite kind.

Two: Ripple Fisher GT Angler: They have explosive casts, they chop and whip lures with every muscle in their body including the one that controls your eyebrows. Basically they move faster than space time continuum can handle or in this case a 120 Gram lure and they need the taper to keep up with them.

Three: Carpenter GT Angler: They are like the TBM's of the train track world or better known as a Tunnel Boring Machine. Their taper is slower as they chuck massive weights massive distances with a more controlled manner. Which is why the Endless Passion was made really.

I am a Ripple Fisher tapered angler, fast-caster, and for this very reason I exploded my shoulder and back. This is with most of my rods; you see, it took me awhile to learn how to load a rod or I mostly say due to my tongue twisting ways "road a lod"

After massages, pins and Singapore's rubbish waiting times to get an MRI I decided to use Google and found Full Potential Chiropractor. Or what I dub The Cult of Chiropractor.

When I went in they will ask you a bunch of questions and will decide to send you for an X Ray if you are messed up like me.

You'd think your neck should be straight, right? Well no. Watch the video below.

Mine came back "We don't have good news", not what you like to hear when you are in a medical scenario.

Fast forward 3 months, my shoulder is better and so is my permanent stiff neck; however I now have vertigo which is like being in a computer game that is lagging - sometimes I can hear my eyeballs moving in their sockets. That squishy sound that we all love so much. Like Australians and their sandflies I don't muck around with my injuries.

Why the "Cult of Chiropractor?"

Because on my first day, my name was there WELCOME LUKE. And all the girls KNEW MY NAME. And they say things like GET YOUR POWER TURNED ON and GET YOUR SPINED ALIGNED. Everyone is smiling like the movie STEPFORD WIVES. They know when you are on holiday and they text you when you are not around. - Turns out they are not stalkers or a horror show come to life and it is something us Singaporeans are not really used to; amazing loving service. This is not a sponsored post or some silly advertising article. I am telling you "this sh*t is real", just like clingy girlfriends and my trip to Darwin would not be possible if not for them.

Look at the picture below, it's so cult.

You can get headaches, sinus problems and other stuff going on all because your spine is being a boob. Go to the Harbourfront Centre one and say Luke sent you for an assessment (Fishing Luke). Google the address yourself, I am not doing it for you because only you will know the pain you are experiencing and have exhausted all avenues.

And look at their tagline, UNLEASH YOUR BEST. The Cult of Chiropractor, have you got your power turned on today?

Here is what happens when you get, YOUR SPINED ALIGNED.

Peace Out,

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