Crabs and Soft Plastics

I have always loved Crabs, be it bait it to catch Parrot Fish or I would use small bits of crab I cut into bits over rocks back in the day. Sometimes in chilli or BBQ'ed.

Moderator Michael Lim shared a video on the Marukyu Crab on our Facebook Groups (sometime ago) and it really got my interest as this way no more crabs need to be hurt or cut up into grizzly bits and used as bait!

Watch this Video, if not the article won't make sense.

There is also the Cranka Crab which I have not seen in Singapore, so if any of you have seen it PLEASE TELL ME!

As I watched it I thought of a few Top Tips on rigging weightless soft plastics.

Top Tips

When you are in space; which I am sure we all do often as everyone has a spaceship lying around, being weightless is an awesome presentation to fish, looking natural and gliding down on the drop makes for a great fish catching strategy.

This means have no weights on the hook, just the hook itself and nothing more like they did in the video.


Look for a somewhat whippier tip (softer), you want something with a faster taper with a thinner tip - all this is so that you can flick an extremely light weight out, like 2 grams!

I love longer soft plastic rods, 6.5ft to 6.9ft, oooo lalala! Ordinarily I pick rods with rock solid butt with a beginning curve at the mid and the tip can be parabolic-whippy.

[Rant Time] There are 2 type of dominant tapers, Fast and Slow. Unless you fish for living you do not need to bother about the in betweens, you need to know if the rod is "very you" and that it caters to YOUR type of fishing, either than that, when your friends start talking about all the fancy stuff - look at your phone and feign ignorance. I am huge supporter of catching fish and not talking too much about planning to catch fish. We should be doing more of the former.[/End of Rant]


If you think about the fishing done in the Marukyu Crab video, a 1000 to 2000 sized Shimano Reel is where you want to go, even whatever 500 sized reel is a good to go and a small rod - go light have fun.

A 2500 is a tad on the chunky (big) side, but if it is what you have go out there and have fun.


4lb to 6lb.

You want to have very little in terms of guide-resistance, as in, when you cast you want it to fly out without any restrictions; be it line, knot or leader - you are casting a very very light lure after all.

Your drag will peel out, just be cool and fight the fish and not worry too much unless you have a Marlin at the end of your line.


16lb to 20lb

Some (many) will argue that this is very thick, yes is, so go to 10lb or 14lb if you like; my reference is just a guideline.

Hope this helps you with your weightless approach to soft plastics.

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