(Community Spotlight) Forummer Rockmastez pops for Queenfish

Forummer Rockmastez hits a Queenfish with a Rapala Skitter Pop. What's most amazing to me here is we know the Skitter Pop is not a fast moving lure and Queenfish love blistering speeds, so this is something else.

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È Hunt for è Pelagic Continues • Couples of Pop • Another Xplosion • Reel Screaming Action • Another Moment Tug of War • 1 Smallie Landed

Rod: Majorcraft KGLight

Reel: Shimano Stella

Lure: Rapala Skitter Pop

I swear I am running out of Queenfish tips to sign off with.

  1. They bleed easily because when they hit they tend to swallow the lure, so make sure you check where the lure is hooked.

  2. Queenfish have a hard bony jaw, set set set and set again.

  3. They jump a lot, so lower the pressure so you don't pull the hook out of their mouths.

  4. Release them fast, real fast, spend very little time taking pictures of them.

  5. They taste bad, let them go, assam pedas can't save everything

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Updated 18 Feb 2016

I have take an interest in forummer "Rockmastez" and all his catches as they are nothing short of amazeballs. What's most notable is his taste in lures such as the skitter pop by Rapala and one my favourites; the Yo-zuri Aile Magnet.

Mangrove Jacks are wild animals and I don't ever remember catching a wild one, no wait I did, in Australia. But that pales in comparison to what Rockmastez is pulling up from the sunny shores of Singapore! Well done bro.

The holy grail to some, a wild caught Kim or Barramundi as it is called is something we all want to tick off the list.

Peace Out,

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