Classifieds Posting Guidelines

FishingKaki Classifieds:

Updated 29.May.2016

Company Branding or Shop Name on Item

Posts should only contain the name of the item.

Shop Branding or otherwise is not allowed.

Words and Contact Information in Pictures

Pictures with words, contact number(s) or other forms of alterations to the picture is no longer supported, please post the original pictures, unedited.

Existing posts that have this will be removed.

Commercial Sellers Top Up

Commercial Sellers are encouraged to Top Up their account by at least 30 credits or (SGD$29) Credits a month.

This is a support-level request and helps the Classifieds to keep going.

Gradually we will be make it a requirement and the page will be developed to support different levels of commercial posters; but for now we would much appreciate your generosity on this.

It's at FishingKaki's discretion to edit or modify a commercial poster we feel is flooding, spamming or taking advantage of the largely un-moderated post schedule.

Commercial Link Outs

Links to Carousell are not supported.

Links to your Online Shop are not supported.

Links to information on the product are allowed, it cannot be a link to your Online Shop with the description of the product.

Sharing to the Facebook Group

Site Sponsors can share their posts on the FishingKaki Facebook Groups.

Admins are allowed to randomly share Classifieds posts to the Facebook Groups.

FishingKaki Classifieds: reserves the right to tweak the guidelines at anytime and will update the guidelines accordingly.

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