Why we must FW3

Enzio Quek, Dulalmiaa Fwthree, Quek Wei Xuan Aloysius, Ryan Ng and please PM to add your name. 70 Pasir Ris Farmway 3 Rates: $30 for 12 hours, Catch and Release

I love to bait.

Rigging long shank hooks, putting up to 7 crickets on a hook and throwing a floater in.

Suddenly the world narrows, you and that red colour styrofoam fishing float. Watching it intently for it to move and then all hell breaks loose and "ON AH!!!!!", nope off.

ON AH!!!!!

Farmway 3 (FW3) as it is called was what brought me back to fishing. I bought a Berkely Lightning Rod and and ABU 4500 from Joe's and loaded it with 20lb's of awesomeness.

This was about 8 years ago and how time passes.

YX with and RTC

Farmway 3 is somewhat of an institution for all anglers in Singapore, and here are a few Top Tips on why:


We are forced to perfect the strength of our fishing knots.

Fish such as the Red Tailed Catfish (RTC) and Chao Phraya (CP) don't take badly tied knots lightly.

Snaps, albright knot, bimini twist, gt knot, pr knot, bobbin knot and hope for the best knot (not) were all perfected at FW3.

CK Ting with a Chao Phraya from FW3

Humans have 2 things going for them, they evolve and they are lazy; so they will find the best way to fight a fish.


Fighting technique will be improved.

Grinding the reel, grunting and bending over are part of learning how to fight a fish, but this too shall pass as we fight a big fish for a long time.

Humans have 2 things going for them, they evolve and they are lazy; so they will find the best way to fight a fish.

Lift + Reel Down + Lift + Let it Run = Wash Rinse Repeat


The picture with a big fish will be done.

This will spur the angler for less fantastic things as topping a big RTC or CP is super hard. There is either GT fishing or, GT fishing.


We meet our drag settings for the first time and get to know them better.

I do remember Vincent from FW3 guiding an angler to tightening his drag.

As the angler set his drag to level: pussy; the angler was fighting for 1 hour. With 1 turn the fish was landed.


Line poundage is more forgiving than we initially thought it to be.

Old school anglers will use and tell their sons to put 20lb line and use 100lb leaders. Even 10lb's will seem "too light".

At FW3 most anglers start realising that mixing and matching lines, reels and rods is part of the fun of fishing and will start doing "stupid" and fun things that bring laughter, which is a good thing.


Making friends.

Because fishing tends to be communal though groupish, the making of solid long term friends will be made in a pond scenario. This includes places like ORTO at Yishun and
D'Best at Pasir Ris, Singapore.


Making Girlfriend and Boyfriend time. (Dating)

kuniangs are not allowed.

So that you don't look like a loser in front of your date, you are almost guaranteed to catch a fish at FW3, so the time together is meaningful and not stupidful.

You sometimes see these kuniang guys go on first dates with their girls and catch no fish. This will not happen in FW3 and kuniangs are not allowed.

You may also meet your girlfriend or boyfriend here because girls love to wear shorts and boys seem to like to take off their T Shirts when fishing. It's bizarre, but as long as you are a not a tubby bum like me, it tends to create love.


Chicken liver smells like dead people.

As an angler, it is good to know what dead people smell like.

When fresh, chicken liver is what it is, but left in the sun, it smells like dead people. As an angler, it is good to know what dead people smell like.


You won't get caught fishing illegally.


But, don't try to cheat the fellas that work there or you will get "DHEY I SAW YOU AH CASTING 12 RODS, BLARDY IDIOT"

Also we know PUB generally think that anglers will steal the 600 billion litres of water in the reservoirs so they are always hunting us; at FW3 you can show them the middle finger.


Learn how to release a fish.

You'd be surprised how delicate a fish is, and learning how to handle it from landing, to picture taking to releasing takes skill.


The future will be decided

From here, you will decide if you want to do this more, you have done what every angler wants to do; catch a big fish and prove it.

The long winding road of being broke will begin here as you buy gimmicks such as slow fall together with owning 10 reels for which you will only use 2.

Peace Out,

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