Be a known angler

I see a lot of good posts by anglers hoping (wanting) to make a name for themselves as community fisho. Here are some tips to be known and most of all rights respected; the salient point here is you are going to need time, it takes awhile to be known, if you look at some of our anglers both male and female we've seen them change their hair colour and some grew muscles.

Here are some of the visual cues to being, a known angler.

1. You are going to have to go through puberty before our very eyes, your voice has to crack, you will lose your baby fat and magically date a girl with incredibly short shorts at which point us Uncles will say something rude about your girlfriends choice of fashion (it will be encouraging); you will soon be known for your significant other and less about how many Peacock Bass you catch.

2. You are going to become an uncle before our very eyes, your double chin will appear and so will your tummy, this will be a good indication that you've been around for awhile and we were lucky enough to witness nature in all its gravity defying glory.

3. You suddenly disappeared, sold all your gear and visited another planet. The last we saw you was a trip to Pekan; now that you have returned and bought all the gear you sold you are the talk of the town. Wow.

4. You just went big, everyone remembered you for this and you stop posting after that. You are remembered for one single fish.

5. You catch everything that no one catches and get known for that. This makes you tremendously popular with weird people who some say like fly fishing, just saying.

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