Top Tips: Bastard Sandflies

There is no place in this or any other world for sandflies. The reason we don't get attacked by aliens is because of 2 things, mosquitoes and f**king sandflies.

I am not going to bore you with details, but if you want to know more. In short "In the various sorts of sandfly only the female is responsible for biting and sucking the blood of mammals, reptiles and birds. She requires the protein in the blood to make her eggs." - So I was being sucked on by a female, sandfly, and she wanted to get pregnant. Ok.

I got them from a very little exposed area on my ankle while we were fishing the rivers.

On my first 2 days I was actually all covered up and thought I was ok.

If you have missed the trip to Darwin, here is Part One and Part Two.

Boy was I wrong wrong wrong.

When I was at the bar at the lodge, I noticed that they sold baby oil, I thought this was all very kinky and Australians sure know how to have fun. It's only now I know it's a preventative lubricant, I mean lotion.

Every single article you find out there has one thing in common, they do not tell you if it is a prevention or cure; time is your best cure but you can treat the post bite.


One: Johnsons Baby Oil, rub it everywhere you are not covered.

Two: Any spray that has DEET in it.

Three: Insect repellants that are sold IN Australia. It's local knowledge, don't be a smart arse and say "eh bro no problem la I brought my pussy Off Spray" I use Bushman (which I of course did not use)

Four: Cover up as best you can, and even then, spray on top of your clothing.

Five: A sandfly cannot fly against the wind, so if it's windy you are safe. This is hardly a prevention but it's good to know.

Six: Don't underestimate a sandfly, it does not care about you.

Seven Commented by Lydia Low on my Facebook Page "Coconut Oil".


One: Amputation, this is a good start when you feel the part of your body that has the bumps starts to itch.

Two: Vinegar, I am carrying a bottle of this in my bag right now with makeup remover pads. At least now I can remove my mascara if I need to. (This is my recommended post treatment)

Three: They all tell you don't scratch, but it's like a multiple orgasm, I don't advise it, but I do it.

Four: According to sandfly-mosquito-repellants, deodorant helps by sealing the bite from air.

Five: Aloe Vera, I was using this and it helps for a bit before the scratch comes tumbling down, but you can use it.

Six: Steroid or corticosteroid cream will also help, but you have to clean up the bites and it must be dry. I can't prescribe this and I think you need to see a doctor for this - I happen to have it, and like Aloe Vera it only proves to help a bit.

Seven: Submitted by Poh Yang Loong on our Facebook Groups "use a hair dryer, max temp, blow right at them"

Eight: Submitted by Leon Leon Leon on our Facebook Groups "I use suntan oil to coat my legs before going to infested area."

I hope this helps you all with some insight to the scourge of this tiny bug, I will leave you an almost morbid reminder on why sandflies are bastards.

Keep the comments coming and I will update them.

Peace Out,

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