SG Fishing Community; Let's Fight, After All That's What We Do Best

Singapore's fishing hobby is rather big.

In the beginning, was popular for being a great place to pick a fight and start a flame, in the beginning, I say again.

Thankfully most of us learnt2internet and with the advent of Facebook & Facebook Connect it moderated your abilities to be a jackass that hides behind the nick "ladiesman217" instead going by your real name.

Everyone Has Met PUB

We all have met PUB and somehow given a pitch on how we can license fishing. We are all after vindication through the legality of a license.


Stop beating the horse, it's the past, suck it up and move on. They are not going to move right now. When it is time you will get your license from the water authorities.

However, it is going to take time and you don't need to keep saying "I have done this and done that", no one cares about what you have done, we want to move forward.

Times have changed. When you met PUB and presented your large PowerPointless while representing your organisation that wanted to change the face of angling forever it was then, we are in the now.

Support Effort

Some of you would remember a post made about Captain Planet and the Bacon Saga asking us to help in keeping our waterways clean.

I don't understand why everyone is getting their panties in a twist over this or are you boys actually wearing panties?

I am sure we are all after the same things, right? So why are we not supportive?

  1. Are you wearing panties?
  2. Are we after the same things?
  3. Do you want to be supportive?

Exhibit A

Sum Of All Its Parts

A great leader once told me it's the Sum of All Its Parts. As one we are strong, but acting like eggheads like we are now will lead us no where.

So if you think you can do something positive for the community, please do so and stop being dickhead. We are all behind you and I will personally stand really close behind you to make you as uncomfortable as possible but you will let me as you know I am just standing behind you . . .

So, are you with us or against us?

Captain Planet

"In situations that the Planeteers cannot resolve alone, they can combine their powers to summon Captain Planet, a super hero, who possesses all of their powers magnified, symbolizing the premise that the combined efforts of a team are stronger than its individual parts."

"Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water – as well as a fifth element, Heart"

Don't Bother

Some months ago I released an article on why (I don't) slow fall.

I had all the screenshots sent to me on individuals who had a lot to say about that article, simply because they did not read the article.

But ALL the Slow Fallers read the article and saw that I actually praised the the discipline and how versatile it can be going as far as to talk about the technical nature of slow fall rods.

What I am saying here is haters will only post hate and they will always live in that small room in their head, let it go and think politically incorrect things about their disposable income, it will help you feel better, trust me.


I urge a reboot to our thinking and be a gracious community, anything that is good, support it and anything that is bad, don't support it.

Stop Ranting On Facebook

Add not Subtract to the Community, share your ideas on the Forums, speak to us on the Groups or shoot a YouTube Video that teaches us how to tie knots.

Do something positive with your time and stop your monologues, all super villains get caught during their monologues.

If Facebook is bad for you, stop using it, walk away.

Closing Time

Be gracious and show class, support the Community by not swimming against it.

You cannot control anything, you cannot be number one, you cannot make a difference and no one is going to follow you in numbers when you do something stupid.

Peace Out,

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